• The attorneys at Brown & Doherty have extensive experience representing clients in state and federal courts who are accused of white-collar crimes.
    Federal white-collar fraud cases are extremely complex and federal authorities often spend years investigating these cases prior to filing charges.
    Our trial lawyers are ready to come to your defense when you have been arrested or investigated for any of the following crimes:


    • Bank fraud
    • Tax fraud
    • Mail fraud
    • Securities and tax fraud
    • Healthcare and insurance fraud
    • Wire fraud
    • Computer hacking, cyberspace, and internet crimes
    • Money laundering
    • Bribery
    • Extortion
    • Racketeering
    • RICO crimes
    • Embezzlement
    • Conspiracy
    • Terrorist threats
    • Mortgage fraud

  • Money laundering is the practice of engaging in criminal financial transactions to conceal or hide the identity, source, or destination of illegal money.
    The skilled trial lawyers at Brown & Doherty have experience representing clients with complex money laundering cases that may be connected with other charges such as—

    • Terrorism
    • Drug crimes
    • Medicare fraud
    • Racketeering activities
    • International money laundering

    Financial fraud

    • Bank fraud
    • Mortgage fraud
    • Real estate fraud
    • Mail and wire fraud
    • Other white-collar crimes

  • Fraud is a crime of theft and the consequences can be severe.  The common purpose of fraud is the intentional deception of people or entities for an unlawful gain of money or valuables.  At Brown & Doherty, we know that if an experienced attorney is brought in early on a case, the better your chances will be to have the case dismissed or settled out of court.
    The attorneys at Brown & Doherty have successfully represented clients facing charges of

    • Bank fraud
    • Mail fraud
    • Wire fraud
    • Mortgage fraud

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