Attorney David Little Obtains Acquittal in Federal Conspiracy Trial

Attorney David E. Little successfully represented a client accused in Federal Court of Conspiracy to Commit Hobbs Act Robberies.  After a six-day trial a Federal Jury in Tampa, Florida delivered the not guilty verdict on October 11, 2018.

The United States charged Mr. Little’s client, along with eight other co-defendants, in a multi-count Indictment with charges of Conspiracy to Commit Hobbs Act Robberies, Robbery, and Possession of Firearms in Furtherance of the Robberies.  Mr. Little’s client was charged as a co-defendant with Conspiracy.  The Government’s theory against our client was that he placed GPS tracking devices on multiple vehicles allowing those vehicles to be tracked by other members of the conspiracy.  Once those vehicles were tracked to the intended victims’ homes, the victims would then be robbed.

Following a six-day trial, Mr. Little was able to secure an acquittal on behalf of his client.  The remaining eight co-defendants either entered pleas of guilty to the charges against them or were convicted following trial.

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