Attorney David Little Obtains Dismissal in 2nd Degree Murder Case

Attorney David Little successfully represented a client accused of 2nd Degree Murder in Manatee County.  For over three years the client fought the charges against him and maintained his innocence.  Less than a week before we were set to begin trial, the State of Florida dismissed the murder charge.

The case began in December 2015 when EMS responded in reference to a child in medical distress.  EMS responded and found a fifteen-month old child in distress.  The child later died at All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg.  Law enforcement quickly directed their attention to our client, who was dating the child’s mother at the time of the incident.  A doctor for the State opined that the child died from abuse, and law enforcement arrested and charged our client for the murder of the child.

Throughout the case we discovered numerous issues with the State’s case.  What we perceived as an inexperienced lead detective who quickly focused all of his attention on our client, along with the State’s expert whose opinion was not based on the facts or science, created a case that we were certain would have to be tried.  While there was a deceased child involved in the case, the evidence was clear to us that the State had charged the wrong person.

We were prepared to proceed to trial to prove our client was innocent, and less than a week before trial the State dismissed the 2nd Degree Murder charge against our client.

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