Jeff Brown’s Adventures

In addition to the practice of law, founding partner Jeffrey G. Brown is an avid adventurist. He frequently travels the world and engages in extreme activities around the globe.
Follow Jeff on his adventures by following his blog entries from around the world.  Read Jeff’s Personal Biography Here.

Trailer for Documentary “Wings of Kilimanjaro” out now.

30 miles away under the clouds is the LZ.

The view from paraglider as I fly around the glacier

New world record

On the 28th of September, 10 paragliding pilots and 4 tandem passengers set a new world record flying off the

Second summmit in 24 hours.

After reaching the summit on the 27th, we returned to Barafu at 15,331 feet and then hours later went back

Uhuru at 19,241 feet

Looking to launch

Summit Sept 27th

WOK 2016

Wings Of Kilimanjaro 2016

Some of you may remember that in 2013 I helped raise over a million dollars with Wings Of Kilimanjaro for

Wings of Kilimanjaro 2016 – video


Wings of Kilimanjaro 2016

Lobuche Summit – Days 20 & 21

On the 20th we rise early and leaving LBC climb past Rock Climb and on through the rocks until we

LBC Rest Day – Day 19

Today we rest but I climbed two surrounding peaks looking for NCELL coverage.   Nothing.  The rest of the day is spent

Lobuche – Day 18

Leaving Rock Camp, some of us reach the summit in 3 hours.  Amazing views and the last hour is a really

After the disaster – Day 17

Finally headed to Lobuche Base Camp  (2-3 hour climb down from EBC) and thought about the day before.  The Khumba would be

Disaster on Everest – Day 16

Today we were supposed to be headed back to LBC to begin two rotations up the mountain and spend two

Update From Everest

After a long and busy day of recovery efforts, it has been confirmed that 17 were lost after yesterday’s avalanche. 

Tragedy Strikes on Everest

Jeff has provided us with an update after tragedy struck Everest.  First, he has passed along that he is alright. After

Rest Day EBC – Day 15

So today we were supposed to go down to Lobuche Base Camp to begin the two rotations up Lobuche to

Rest Days EBC – Days 13 and 14

Cold. Very cold. And bleak.  Did I mention the cold?  Even in the dinning tent we eat with big puffy down jackets

Rest Day EBC – Day 12

So we have been without any WIFI or cell phone service since leaving Periche on Wednesday.  No idea what’s going

Rest Day EBC – Day 11

It’s been extremely cold and snowing every afternoon.  The nights are so cold that despite venting the tent, every morning

EBC – Day 10

Arrived in EBC in a snow storm.  Felt great but stayed with a fellow climber who was really struggling.  A

Lobuche Base Camp – Days 8 and 9.

In tents now as we travel up the Khumba valley.  Feeling the altitude as we fight to stay warm and

Periche – Day 6

The longest trek of the trip so far is today’s trek up to Periche, a nice tea house with showers

Phortse – Day 5

Leaving Khumjung today and headed to Phortse. We drop down into the river valley and cross the river and head

Everest conditions update

News came from Everest Base Camp. The Khumba Ice Fall looks relatively good this year, or so say the Ice

More on rest day in Khumjung

   Rest day in Khumjung and so it’s off to find the bakery and a good cup of coffee.  The

Rest day in Khumjung – day 4

The hike to Khumjung gives one beautiful views over Namche and one can see how the city is built into

Khumjung – day 3

Left Namche Bazaar after lunch to head to Khumjung where we will stay at the tea house for 2 nights

Namche – day 2

The climb up to Namche is probably the greatest trail…..ever.  It’s through the pine trees and winds up on the

More Monjo

The trail up is absolutely breathtaking as high white cap peeks begin to peer out, but the first glimpse of

Day 1 – Monjo

So the day starts with a heli ride into Lukla, the most dangerous airport in the world. It’s got one

Time to get this party started

So tomorrow at 6 am we leave for the airport to fly by helicopter (5 flights) to Lukla which is

What’s going on in Katmandu?

Motorcycles.   Lots of them.  Lots and lots of them.  Driving is a continuous game of chicken but with multiple

Life in Katmandu

Shop keeps, motorcycles, Buddhist monks and dogs napping….. Welcome to daily life in Katmandu. Everything is small tiny shops selling

Everest premium lager


Here in Katmandu at night and immediately you notice the lack of lights.  It’s erie. No street lights and only

Abu Dhabi

Not much to see but sand but I’ve heard Abu Dhabi is awesome and beautiful.  Would love to come back

Leaving USA

The journey begins but it starts off awash with luxury as I fly Ethiad Airlines, truly the greatest airline on

Working out video at 20,000 ft

Time to go

Working out at 20,000 ft


Everest in 48 hours

Headed to Everest in under 48 hours.  Katmandu here I come.