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Our Tampa/St. Petersburg criminal defense attorneys have over 35 years of combined experience representing individuals accused of criminal offenses. Our attorneys have personally represented individuals accused of every level of criminal offense, from 1st Degree Capital Murder to 2nd Degree Misdemeanor Offenses.

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Brown & Doherty, P.A. is a Federal and State criminal defense law firm located in Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida. Our Tampa criminal defense attorneys dedicate their practices to representing individuals being investigated by authorities, as well as those arrested and charged with criminal offenses in Federal and State courts across Florida and the United States. Brown & Doherty has represented clients in numerous high-profile criminal cases, including:

  • Represented our client in a Federal bank fraud case; successfully argued for the suppression of the wire taps the government intended to use at trial; resulted in the dismissal of all charges before trial.

  • Represented a Hillsborough County Commissioner on a multi-defendant Federal bribery case; despite the prosecution’s “overwhelming evidence,” the jury acquitted our client on all counts after a 5 ½ month trial.

  • Represented a high ranking official at SoCom in connection with a Federal bribery scheme and allegations of improper influence dealing with the Navy Seals and Green Berets; our client was acquitted on all but one count after trial.

  • Represented client facing the Federal Death Penalty in the first Federal Death case in Tampa; after trial, client was acquitted of murder charges despite the execution style killing of one victim, and the attempted execution of two other victims.

  • Represented an influential African-American Religious leader in a Federal Racketeering and Theft case; charges were dismissed on 49 of 54 counts; client never served a day in Federal Prison.

  • Represented an international terrorist in a Federal arms dealing case and bombing plot of the Islamic Center; after allegations of perjury by the prosecution, client pled to lesser weapons charges.

  • Represented a leader of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad on multiple terrorist charges; Brown & Doherty was appointed as “2 of the best trial lawyers in the area.”

  • Represented a St. Petersburg CPA on Federal charges of filing false tax returns on behalf of his clients; during trial, the court acquitted our client on 5 of the 14 charges, the jury acquitted our client on the remaining 9 charges.

  • Represented a local music teacher on allegations of sexual battery against 2nd graders; client was acquitted on all charges.

  • Represented one of three codefendants charged with beating two people unconscious following a road rage incident; our client was the only defendant acquitted of the charges.

  • Represented a World Series winning Blue Jays player on allegations of battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest; client was acquitted on both charges.

  • After being represented by another attorney at trial for aggravated battery and being sentenced to 15 years, client hired Brown & Doherty to handle appeal and retrial; client was acquitted after retrial.