After The Disaster - Day 17

Finally headed to Lobuche Base Camp  (2-3 hour climb down from EBC) and thought about the day before.  The Khumba would be closed for the next 4 days and Sherpas would get to go down valley to their villages and reunite with their families.  The rescue of the 4 other bodies would continue, but if after 4 hours the other 3 couldn’t be found, they would have to remain in their hidden graves on the Mountain.  It will be surreal to pass this spot in the days ahead when I climb through the Khumba knowing somewhere in that area buried in the surrounding snow and ice blocks, are the three remaining Sherpa bodies.  Apparently, lots of news outlets contacted my office looking for interview – Good Morning America, CNN, Wolf Blitzer, Diane Sawyer, etc.

After getting to LBC I reunite with my team, they all went down the day before while I stayed back with my climbing friend Annie because she was not feeling well.  After a quick lunch, I pack my rucksack to head up Lobuche to Rock Camp where we spend the night before climbing to the summit of Lobuche the following morning.   Back to acclimatizing.