Loboche Summit - Day 20 and 21

On the 20th we rise early and leaving LBC climb past Rock Climb and on through the rocks until we reach the glacier summit.  The glacier summit is steep with several fixed line pitches.  Most of us took 4 hours. The summit is over 20,000 ft so breath comes more sparingly but the views are spectacular.  The summit is small so you have 360 degree views of Everest, Lhotse, Nuptse, Makalu, Ama Dablam, and even Cho Yuo in China.  Of course we can see the whole valley floor from Periche to EBC.  We stay and sleep up here for two nights.  The challenge is what to bring.  Your food and warm clothes and mat for under your sleeping bag all gets carried by you.  So you want a lot of food?   Prepare for a heavy pack.  Go too light and with nothing to do up there, you wish you had some more crackers or Pringles.   And if you went light on the clothes, you may find yourself in your sleeping bag for 48 hours trying to stay warm.   After the second night, we get up early, arm wrap down the fixed lines and climb down through the rocks, down the spree for breakfast in LBC.  Soon after, we head to EBC.