Rest Day EBC - Day 11

It’s been extremely cold and snowing every afternoon.  The nights are so cold that despite venting the tent, every morning you wake up with condensation inside the tent.  It means that if you shake the tent or touch the tent you get snowed on.  It may be refreshing in hot temperatures but when it’s already so cold your breath looks like a steam kettle, it’s a lousy way to start the morning.  The food is much better now that we are at EBC but my appetite is a little off and sometimes you just don’t feel like eating what’s prepared.  Protein bars are a great meal replacement for me.  The greatest piece of equipment is definitely the pee bottle.   It avoids having to get out of the warm bag, put on clothing (that’s ice cold), and wander outside.  When it’s subzero, and the bag is warm, the idea of getting out is like having a tooth pulled.