Everest Conditions Update

News came from Everest Base Camp. The Khumba Ice Fall looks relatively good this year, or so say the Ice Doctors who have already carved, cut, hacked, and laid down the fixed lines and ladders through it. Fixed lines are now being set through to camp 2. But with this good news came the first news of tragedy; one of the Ice Doctors was seriously hurt in the Khumba Ice Fall and another Sherpa was taken off the mountain because of Mountain Sickness only to later die in Katmandu. Also found out that the last time I was here in 2012 when Russell called off the summit attempt, had we gone up the mountain we would have been in our tents at Camp 3 when that avalanche came through that wiped out 18 tents. And that’s why I climb with Russell, to make those calls that will save my life.